Photo Booth
Photo Booth Photo Booth Photo Booth Photo Booth

Photo Booth


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Space Needed:

Product Information:

Compact and professional look-ready to serve in 15 minutes or less and takes little room. The unit MUST be placed inside or under a canopy to avoid negative impacts of the weather conditions (sun, rain, etc).

Easy to use and navigate - inside and outside monitors

The highest picture and video quality in the industry

The fastest printer in the industry - 7.5 seconds per print, no waiting for your guests

Branding opportunities via built-in social media features: email list and Facebook upload

Complete picture and background customization

Entertaining props that we match to your event theme

Picture/Video DVD available after the event at no charge

All inclusive, no hidden fees: unlimited prints and no idle-time fee


Height: 4'2"

Width: 6'5"

Width: 2'2"

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